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  Things to Do in Lonavla
Do you wish to head to a romantic destination in Maharashtra away from the stressful city life of Mumbai or Pune? Do you want to spend a good time with your friends, kissing your worries away in a beautiful hill station in the state of Maharashtra? If that is the case, then head to the wonderful, idyllic destination with its own unique charm and greenery-Lonavla.

The famous Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan epitomized Lonavla in the famous song .Aati Kya Khandala. in a movie called Ghulam(1997) where he talked about the beautiful hill station in one of the stanzas. The song talks about eating .chikki. at Lonavla (the famous sweet that this place is synonymous with), having a great time at the waterfalls, going up the Khandala Ghat and clicking pictures of the countryside from this place.

Lonavla is situated amidst the Sahayadri Ranges at a height of 625 meters. Not only tourists but even locals are fascinated by this beautiful town that abounds in beauty. The best time to go to this place is the monsoon season where the panoramic views are apt for picture-perfect photography. Here are some of the things that you can do in Lonavla:

1 Visiting the Bushi Dam: The Bushi Dam is one of the must-watch sights in Lonavla. During the monsoon season, the dam is filled with water so much that it begins to overflow on the steps. People sit on these steps and enjoy the cool weather and the natural beauty comprising of waterfalls around However you should bear in mind that you wear appropriate footwear and are careful while walking because the waterfalls tend to make the ground slippery. Carrying first-aid and taking precautions is advisable. You can take buses that ply from Lonavla to the Bushi Dam; the travelling distance by bus is about 15 minutes.

2. Go Trekking: For those who love trekking, places like the Tiger Hill are a favorite. You can take a hike along the Sausage Hills, which are covered with thick foliage and teeming with wild life. You can also climb the Duke.s Nose Peak located in the Karla Hill.

3. Check out the Lakes: For those who love calm, serene water, there are lakes abound in the form of Bhushi Lakes, Tugauli Lake and the Lonavla Lake. You can also do paragliding about 15 kilometers from Lonavla and enchant yourself with the breathtaking view of the Pawna Lake and the Tung Fort. People love to have a good time chatting with their near and dear ones along the lakes and the cool ambience coupled with the twittering of the birds romanticizes the entire atmosphere. The Tungarli Lake is a spot that is loved by children; so if you have kids along with you; you can take them there.

4. Eat Chikkis: If you are at Lonavla, you cannot do away without eating Chikkis-the hard nut which is sweet and brittle with little cashew and other nuts including peanuts, coconuts etc; thrown in at good measure. Make sure you gorge on them when you are this place.

5. Visit the cave temples: You can check out Karla and Bhaja Cave Temples which have been carved majestically, lying at the outskirts of Lonavla. You can go to these caves which are among the oldest in the world dating back to 200 BC. Do not forget to see the 2000 year old Buddhist statue there which is easily one of the most beautiful attractions of this place.

6. Visit Valvan Dam: Just like the Bushi Dam, the Valvan Dam is for the nature lover. At the base of the damn, you can see a lovely garden sprawled in front of you with colorful flowers and plants. You can click pictures; the sight is sure to be imprinted in your memory.

7. Visit the parks: Two of the parks that you should visit include Shivaji Udhyan and the Ryewood Park. The gardens are scenic and are a favorite with children and adults alike. Children can have a great time sitting on the swings.

The other places you can have a great time include the beautiful Rajmachi Point, the Lohagad where you can buy toys for children and go to other historical destinations like the Lion's Point, the Tiger's Leap and the Amrutanjan Point.

One of the things that you should bear in mind that if you are a foreigner and are coming straight to Lonavla, you should change money either in Mumbai or Pune because the banks here do not deal in foreign exchange. There are quite a few hotels and accommodation for your stay in Lonavla, the notable ones being Hotel Fariyas, Whispering Brook, Sterling Resorts, Star Regency, and Valvan Resort etc. There are five star hotels, three star hotels and bungalow cottages etc that you can choose according to your budget.

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