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  Lonavla: Important Places to Visit
Lonavla is one of the most beautiful places in Maharashtra. As a beautiful hill station, Lonavla nestled amidst the Sahayadri ranges, at an altitude of 625 meters has invited the fancy of locals and tourists alike. It is one of the preferred excursion places for people from Mumbai and nearby areas. The picturesque beauty especially during the monsoon season, the incredible greenery, the lovely sunset and the breathtaking views has made the hill stations very famous among people who want to bask in the glory of nature, do movie shooting or take part in trekking and adventure sports. The best time to visit Lonavla is during October and May when the weather conditions are pleasant and the place revels in greenery.

The places to visit in Lonavla include:
1. Lonavla Lake: Located on the outskirts of Lonavla, this lake is a nice place to relax after a hard day.s work. The cool surroundings, the serene atmosphere and the peaceful ambience is sure to attract tourists and they do come by hordes to enjoy themselves. Another interesting thing is that this place is constantly twittering with the sound of birds; this place is a paradise for colorful birds.

2. Rajmachi Point: Also located on the outskirts, Rajmachi Point is one of the few places that is sure to hold your interest. It lies in the area between Mumbai and Lonavla; there is a place called .Ghat. and situated in the valley below this spot, stands the Rajmahchi Fort. There is another attraction called Vaghjai Dari, located nearby.

3. Karla Caves: One of the preferred picnicking areas, Karla Caves is of Buddhist origin. These caves are one of the oldest caves in the world, dating back to 200 BC. You can find a 2000 year old Buddhist status here, which is one of the most important attractions of this place. You can also find many rock hills that are good for rock climbing especially the Duke.s Nose peak located in the Karla hill.

4. Valvan Dam: The Valvan Dam is quite a spectacular destination. This places lies about two kilometers from the heart of the Lonavla village. At the foot of the damn, you can find a beautiful garden, decorated with colorful flowers and other plants. You can also find the Khopoli Power Station nearby that makes use of the water from this damn to generate power.

5. Tungarli Lake: Tungarli Lake, a famous picnic spot is loved by children and adults alike Children come to the lake to have a great time, splash water around and have a good time lying afloat on the waters. This lake is both beautiful and useful, in the sense that, it forms an essential source of water for the people living in the hill station.

6. ShivajI Udhyan and Ryewood Park: The green surroundings of Lonavla are accentuated by Ryewood Park and Shivaji Udyan. The beautiful gardens and the lovely picnic spots are simply a winner with children and the spacious open spaces make way for them to play games and have a good time. There are swings also set up in the parks.

Apart from the above notable places, there are other wonders as well in Lonavla. One of the most popular places includes the Bhushi Dam, which is an excellent picnic destination for people to spend quality time with their loved ones, friends and family. The other tourist attractions include the Tiger.s Leap, Lohagad, Amrutanjan Point and the Lion.s Point. At Lohagad, you can find plenty of toys for your children; there is also a big statue of Veer Savarkar, the popular historic revolutionary figure here.

The Kune's Falls refers to the waterfalls located in Lonavla where you can see water coming down from a height of more than 100 feet, looking really spectacular. One need not be intimidated; there are many people who have bath in the water that comes down the valley. This place is located between Khandala and Lonavla. You can see the waterfall from the Khandala Ghat also.

Another equally interesting place is the Duke's Nose, named after Duke Wellington, whose pointed nose bears a resemblance to the cliff. Since this cliff also looks like a snake.s hood, it is called Nagfani (snake's hood). You can get a breathtaking view of nature from this cliff point.

The Tiger.s Leap is also a special spot; the name for this spot is because of the uncanny appearance of the valley. If you look at the valley carefully, it looks as if a tiger is leaping into the valley. It makes for quite an interesting sight. About fifteen kilometers away from Lonavla, you will be able to see the Pawna Lake and the Tung Fort.

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